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Brewers Classic: 1982 ALCS, Game 5


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There are a lot of people that like the new uniforms. I get that. But the old uniforms were boss. Ball, glove, and pinstripes. A great shade of blue. If the Brewers would have stuck with those uniforms, they would be one of the more popular sellers. Change for the sake of making cash on new items has always bothered me. Maybe I don't like change. How I love and loved those old uni's!
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Seeing the Mezz section makes me think about a time a had seats there. Foul ball from Yount and I have my hand on it. A man of about 60 steals the ball from me. I was 13. That's why I hate old people.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif
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I agree on the unis, to a point.


I think they made a mistake in the complete redo in 94. They had the right idea before that, pinstripes, ball and glove and they updated it. They kept the pinstripes after they went from a pullover to a button up. They updated the font on the jerseys while keeping the overall look the same.


I think if they went back to the old colors and pinstripes but kept the font we have now it would look pretty cool. Maybe have the M/barley logo as a road hat.



As for the game, I think it's great they kept the old ABC in game ads and the old "technical difficulties" guy in this broadcast. I also enjoyed the Ben Ogilvy piece after his HR.

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Here we go! Mcclure pitching.

Ron Jackson (hit for Tim Foli) up. Single. Booooo. Pete Ladd in.

Boone up. Bunt. Sacrifice for Boone. PR on 2nd

Downing up. B1. S. S2. Molly put out!

ROD CAREW UP! Ladd will pitch. S1 (foul). B1. S2(foul). Grounder to SS.


BREWER GO TO THEIR ONLY WS EVER!!.. The fans rush the field. Good Times. good times.


If only Rollie was available against St. Louis. sigh

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#16 Marshall Edwards should never be forgotten.


No doubt! With a hurt Gorman no way he gets to that ball. Loved watching this game yesterday. The crowd and atmosphere was unreal. I want it to be like that this season. Molitor was a great lead-off hitter. Weeks has that ability. Loved Vucks perm hair. Hearing Cooooooooppppp, sent shivers up my spine.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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You mean, their only World Series to date. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


I have some of the Wisconsin State Journal sections from that postseason. One of the games overlapped with a UW football game, at which fans appeared to spontaneously boo (but they weren't booing, they were chanting COOOOP).


Imagine the Brewers getting more attention than Badger football. How things have changed, for both sides.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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