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Fan Forum link doesn't work

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There aren't any hacking issues; one of the reasons Yuku was written was to avoid a repeat of what happened a couple of years ago.


However, there's been a string of weird occurrences since Yuku moved to its new data center a couple of weeks ago. Fixes for one problem often have side effects that subsequently need to be addressed. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if redirects broke temporarily.


Brian's been working on writing new "guts" for the non-Yuku areas of the site. Patching the current stuff takes away from time that would otherwise be available for that effort. If you're here a lot, the board URL isn't that hard if you make it a point to memorize it:




If you're on a machine you use frequently, chances are that it'll pop up in your URL bar once you've typed the first few letters.


Another option is to search Google for brewerfan yuku. This board will top the list.

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