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1. The Brewers were confident in their bullpen before the Linebrink trade, but they knew it was going to wear down in the 2nd half

2. Wanted a RP with the durability and pitchability that Linebrink brings to the table

3. The Brewers gave up 3 good prospects to get Linebrink, but that is the price of getting one of the top set up men in the league

4. The Brewers haven't been in this position before (contending) and they want to capitalize on the opportunity

5. The Brewers had considered bringing Thatcher to the big leagues earlier in the season (Thatcher is reporting to San Diego today, as most of you already know)

6. The Linebrink deal helps both teams compete for a pennant right now.

7. The Brewers have been interested in Linebrink for quite a while, and they tried to trade for him last year.

8. Fans are coming out to Miller Park in record numbers, and the Brewers want the fans to know that they are serious about winning now.

9. Adding Linebrink now makes the bullpen a strength for the Brewers, and it should help them hold leads in the second half without overusing anybody.

10. Regarding Ben Sheets, he has started playing catch but isn't ready to resume pitching. The Brewers are targeting September 1st as a return date for Sheets.

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