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7/28/06 other games IGT - El Cabello playing DH

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Texas Lineup tonight

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

G. Matthews Jr. cf &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

M. Young ss

M. Teixeira 1b &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

C. Lee dh &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

H. Blalock 3b &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

I. Kinsler 2b &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

M. DeRosa rf &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

B. Wilkerson lf &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

R. Barajas c


No Cruz?

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I wish the guy well....looking at some salaries of top tier players (though contracts a year or 2 old), 4yr/$48M was a nice offer.


I'm sure he'll get a better offer, but it was a respectable offer if the guy was willing to give a little hometown discount.


I'm kind of wanting to drive up to Dallas and watch Cruz and the horse in a game.

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I was just telling my roommate we should go up to Anaheim next weekend and watch an Angels game and then finish the night off in Fullerton. Well, as it turns out Carlos Lee will be there next weekend.. and so will I........ Wearing my bright yellow Brewers shirt in left field.
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