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Another stellar outing by Suppan

An ERA over 5; three "quality" starts since May 1st (2 of which he did the minimum to qualify = 3 ER in 6 innings); $9 million a year.......at least he's a 2nd half pitcher! I can't believe we're stuck with this pillar of mediocrity for another 3 years. Perhaps he would've been great in the post-season, but unfortunately the Brewers will never know....not this season anyways. I'll admit I was encouraged (not excited) when the Brewers signed Suppan, but wouldn't Gil Meche, Ted Lilly or Jason Marquis look good in a Brewers uniform instead? (Did I actually just write that?) Ahhhhh, hindsight! Gotta love the lineup tonight too.....who would ever think that the Brewers might actually have to score 5+ runs when their worst starting pitcher takes the mound? Not Ned of course. Sitting 3 of your top 4 or 5 offensive players (Braun, Hardy, Hart) was a great decision. Final score, 7-3.


Everyone keeps saying that the Cubs aren't that good, that they can't keep winning etc......what if they are? I hope the Brewers don't give away too much talent before the deadline, because I believe it will all be in vein. The Cubs will be in 1st by the end of the week and will win the division, if for no other reason they can do something that the Brewers can't: win on the road.


I'm hoping for the best, but the writing is on the wall folks. I'm through denying it. To all my Cubs fans friends, you win, I admit it.....they're better....for this season at least.

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It's very depressing that Ted Lilly is pitching so well for the Cubs and Jeff Suppan is getting lit up like a Christmas tree. Aren't they both making about the same money?
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