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How busy will the deadline be?

With a bunch of names being out there how busy will the deadline be? Melvin said that there are really no names available but look at the list of players that may be traded.


C Mike Piazza

1B Mark Texiera

RF Bobby Kelity

SP Jose Contreas

RF Jermaine Dye

RF Ken Griffey Jr.

LF Adam Dunn

1B Dimitri Young

RP Chad Cordero

1B Ty Wigginton

2B Mark Loretta

2B Ray Durham

2B Tadhito Iguchi

RP Octovio Dotel

RP Joaquain Benoit

RP Eric Gagne

RP Aknori Otsuka

SP Joe Kennedy

SP Matt Morris

1B Ryan Klesko

RP Joe Rauch

CF Ryan Church

SP Jon Garland

SP Livan Hernadez

CP Brian Fuentes

RP Kyle Farnsworth

RP Scott Proctor

SP Javier Vazques

RF Willy Mo Pena

SP Josh Towers

SS Jack Wilson

RP Juilian Taveras

RP Manny Declarman



With all these names how busy will the deadline be and what players should the Brewers go after?

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When did Manny Delcarmen become available? I am of the assumption that unless the Sox get a closer this offseason, they're going to let Manny or Craig Hansen (who has done nothing to show Theo he can be the guy) duke it out for the CL position and insert Papelbon into the rotation. But, as Melvin has said, he makes calls on these guys only to find out that it is just an ugly rumor that these guys are available.
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Speaking strictly from a Brewer perspective, how many of those names are of interest, or even if they may be of interest are better than the "bird in the hand?" As an example, and IMHO, Griffey won't agree to come to Milwaukee, we don't need a 2b, guys like Contreras and Morris are no better than present candidates, and guys like Cordero are going to generate so much interest that the costs are likely too high. How many of those names really apply to the Crew? Maybe 5 or so at most?
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