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Brewers/Angels/Devil Rays Proposal


Angels get: Hall

Angels trade: Santana & Aybar


Devil Rays get: Aybar, Villenueva, & Capellan/Aquino

Devil Rays trade: Badelli/Crawford


Brewers trade: Hall, Villenueva, & Capellan/Aquino

Brewers get: Santana & Badelli/Crawford


Melvin would still have Jenkins, Mench, & possibly Clark to deal for bullpen/6th starter help.



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Well, I'm of the opinion that Hall for Santana & Aybar is pretty equal value. But, I've been known to be wrong, so the Brewers can add someone.


Hall & Jackson for Santana & Aybar


Also, I think most people are of the assumption that Crawford>Badelli. So, let's take Crawford out of the equation. The Rays are apparently asking for 2 good, young pitchers & a SS in return for Badelli. Aybar is a top prospect in the Angels organization & a SS. Villenueva is a good, young pitcher, probably not with the ceiling the Rays are looking for, but good none the less. Add in Capellan (I think Capellan>Aquino) and the Rays got a solid BP guy that could turn into a good closer. I'd go so far as to add another pitching prospect, one in the 20-50 range in Toby's rankings (Garrison, Jones, Bray, Zumalt, Thurman, Thatcher, Hinton...)

So let's say,


Villenueva, Aybar, Capellan, & Hinton for Badelli


I'd still make the deals.

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