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Non-tendered (arby-eligible) players

mlbtraderumors.com has compiled & posted a list of potential candidates in this category:


SPs - Josh Fogg, Shawn Chacon, Rodrigo Lopez, Joel Pineiro, Mark Hendrickson


OFs - Brad Wilkerson, Jason Lane, Jody Gerut, Aaron Guiel, Jayson Werth


IFs - Marcus Giles, Antonio Perez


Just to name a few....


This seems like the logical place for another reclamation candidate for the Crew. I know the list is not perfect, but there are some options that may prove to be fairly affordable, with no draft pick penalization.


Personally, I like the thought of adding a pitcher like Fogg or Pineiro on the 'cheap,' and in that order of preference. The position players don't excite me, really, in any way.


Wilkerson does somewhat, as an undervalued player, due to missing a large portion of 2006 with a right shoulder problem. His splits over 2004-06 are: v. LHP - .272/.362/.441, & v. RHP - .235/.346/.441


v. LH OPS - .803, v. RH OPS - .793


Additionally, he's a solid defender in the OF. Rotoworld expects the Rangers to tender him an offer by the 12/13 12am deadline, however, so I suppose it's a moot point to discuss him.


Added thought ---


The more this offseason progresses, the more open I am to a CF platoon *gasp! I'm such a hypocrite -- I hate platoons* of Gross and Clark. That is, if Gross can't hit LHPing. He had only 21 such ABs in 2006, & posted an atrocious .095/.208/.190. That's bad, but clearly not a large enough sample space from which to judge (I haven't been able to track down Gross's minor league or college stats v. LHP)


Clark's 2006 #s v. LHP -- .273/.338/.375/.713


Not stellar, but not bad to mix in, occasionally, vs lefties if Gross can't do better. IMO Gabe can, and will, given the opportunity. He mashed RHP in 2006 (.290/.398/.492/.890), in 183 ABs. Since the vast majority of ABs take place against RHPing, I like Gross as our main CF option, although I think this platoon would work in LF or RF, as well.


In 2006, Bill Hall played a 'full' season, playing 148 games with 537 ABs. He faced RHPing 417 times, and LHPing 120 times. Gross getting at least 400 ABs v. RHP in 2007 is a nice possibility, and if he proves he can't hack it vs. LHP, Clark is a decent option. Brady is a patient hitter who had an off year in 2006. From 2004-2006, his line v. LHP = .280/.370/.402/.772 (and an overall OPS of .759)


If there's no avenue via trade or free angency, I'm cool with this CF.

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