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Then Let's START Some Internet Rumors!

"I'm convinced that Rotoworld gets at least one quarter to one half of their Brewers information from Brewerfan.net" - AJ Love




"rotoworld knows us pretty well..


i think doug melvins constant mentioning of "internet rumors" is directly aimed at - pogokat




This gives me an idea.


In this age of blogs being mistaken as news, of rampant internet rumors, why not start a few wishful ones of my own?


I figure, if Nick Neugebauer, Jim Powell, or even Dana Eveland's father visit here, and see the rumors we post, and if they're even remotely plausible (at least one rumor would have to involve the Braves), maybe they'll gain traction, and become reported as "unconfirmed reports." From there, they can make their way to the media, and to ESPN! And if I involve Boston or one of the New York teams in my rumors, then Peter Gammons can quote unnamed sources as "not denying" them! From there, Doug Melvin can get wind of them, scratch his mustache, and say, "Hey! That may work!" And presto!, we create a deal from nothing, and the Brewers win the 2007 NL Central!


I'll even make 'em neat and handy, and already quotable, so here goes nothin':


"...rumors have it that Milwaukee's contingent at the DisneyWorld Swan and Dolphin Resort is ready to put the finishing touches on a multi-player swap involving veteran outfielder Geoff Jenkins, along with pitchers Dennis Sarfate and Manny Parra, whom scouts describe as having a plus arm with a high ceiling, to the Toronto Blue Jays for All-Star center fielder Vernon Wells. Wells will immediately sign a multi-year extension to happily finish his career in Milwaukee."


"...unnamed sources speculate that a 3-team deal could be completed by the end of the week between the Brewers, Phillies and the Red Sox. GM Doug Melvin could not be reached to confirm, but it is believed that Milwaukee would send outfielders Kevin Mench and Tony Gwynn, Jr., along with closer Derrick Turnbow to Boston, who would then send pitcher Craig Hansen and Mench to Philadelphia, with a clearly relieved outfielder Pat Burrell moving on to Milwaukee."


"...and finally, in a busy, whirlwind week of activity, Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin is brewing up a deal which would send outfielder Brady Clark and minor league third baseman Vinny Rottino to Atlanta for reliever Oscar Villarreal and a player to be named later."


That should do it! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif


Any other "fresh" rumors out there?

"So if this fruit's a Brewer's fan, his ass gotta be from Wisconsin...(or Chicago)."
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"Multiple teams have contacted Doug Melvin about trading Prince Fielder, an impending free agent after the 2011 season. The Brewers general manager is said to be interested in a deal with an undisclosed team offering at least seven mediocre roster-filling players in return.


Word is that team is the the Kansas City Royals, who would not deny the rumor. Expect Runelvys Hernandez to be a cog to the deal, with an Opening Day start likely in his future."

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I heard that Jorge de la Rosa is the centerpiece of the deal also involving Graffanino, but Tony's agent informed Brewers GM Doug Melvin that Graffanino will not report to that cesspool that is Kansas City, thereby nullifying the deal.
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My source keeps telling me that Kevin Mench goes to Baltimore, Kris Benson goes to LAA and Ervin Santana, Nic Adenhart and Chone Figgins are heading to Milwaukee.


Deal will be accepted once all players complete physicals.

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After seeing Doug Melvin with a copy of moneyball in the hotel lobby as well as seeing him hanging out in the hotel piano bar with Bill Beane, sources are beginning to swirl about a possible blockbuster involving the Brewers and A's. The Brewers apparently may have offered Bill Hall and Ryan Braun for Dan Haren, Nick Swisher, and Justin Duchsherer. The A's seem to be balking at the thought of losing Haren and have countered by including Joe Blanton instead. Mr. Melvin seemed to be uninspired to move a prospect as coveted as Braun without getting Haren who he considers to be the centerpiece of the deal. We will see how this move percolates and hope to have more information before the two GMs board their respective planes home.

-as reported by the Red Herring Press Gazette

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It was just reported that Doug Melvin of the Brewers and Mark Shapiro of the Indians are very close to swinging a deal that sends RP D. Turnbow, CF T. Gwyyn Jr., and OF Brady Clark to Cleveland for CF Grady Sizemore and SP Paul Byrd. The Brewers are really looking for a solid centerfielder while the Indians are really in need of a set up man that fits thier budget, they plan to use Borowski as the closer, and Turnbow as the eighth inning guy.
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