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Jonny Gomes

I figured since we've discussed both Crawford and Baldelli, I'd bring up Gomes for discussion. Nobody seems to even mention Gomes in consideration for the outfield. In fact, in a recent ESPN article, they mention that they have Baldelli in center, Young in right, and possibly moving Upton to left, and then not yet having a spot for Dukes. They didn't even mention the fact that just last year Gomes put up a .909 ops at the age of 24. Still only 25, is he someone the Brewers should look into? He's coming off a down year, but still showed the ability to walk some.He had a high obp the year before too. I don't know about his defensive abilities, but he seems the least flashy player in their outfield, and I believe he's older than Baldelli, and might have more service time. I think he is a good player to take a chance on. He's young, has had some success, is unnappreciated on a team that is loaded at his position with more on the way. thoughts?
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I think he's pretty much a butcher in the field, so i'm guessing they are thinking of him more as a dh at the moment...but he only .216 this year, and if he had 650 ab's, he would have k'ed in the 180's...


i'd take him if they are giving him away, but he's not a player i'd target...


elijah dukes would probably be the easiest to acquire, and maybe the best player the drays theoretically have to trade this winter...though he's insane

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