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Chris Duffy

Im not big on Dave Roberts or Juan Pierre. Personally I would like to see Kenny Lofton roaming center come opening day but I dont think thats going to happen. I think we could take a small gamble on Chris Duffy. Granted his stats are not great, however he plays good D in center & has an above average arm. He stole 26 bases in 27 attempts (314 at bats). Granted he needs more patience at the plate to be a good leadoff hitter(.317 on base%). Just throwing it out there.
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I saw Duffy play a couple of times on TV, and he looked okay, but nothing special. Didn't seem to have an pop in his bat. Sort of reminded me of Gwynn - perhaps a better runner, and even a better hitter - but with less discipline.


I will say it was only seeing him a couple of time on TV, and I know he went through some weird stuff, so perhaps I'm misreading him. Just my observation from the times I saw him.

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