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Ned's Game Management....

:....is simply as bad as it gets. His unhindered loyalty to his players will cost the Brewers a post-season berth, just like it cost them the game last night. He doesn't even make it hard for us to tear his awful managing apart....he comes out and admits that he never considered removing Charlie V from the game last night......not after the 2nd walk, not after the 3rd walk, not even after the wild pitch that tied that game. This is evidenced by the fact that he didn't even have Balfour warming up until after the 3rd walk (did you see how hastily he was getting ready in the bullpen....whoops!)....by then it was too late. Does he even realize that in situations like that THE GAME IS ON THE LINE!!!! Is letting your young pitcher "work through it" more important at this stage than winning ballgames?!!?! Earlier this week when he "benched" Rickie (of course he's started twice since then) he had a quote along the lines of "at this point production matters." Practice what you preach Ned. This just in: YOUR TEAM IS IN A PENNANT RACE!!!! Manage like your trying to win today, not next year. The future is now Ned. Wake the "F" up!!!!


I know it's become en vogue of late to bash the Ned-bashers, but let's get real. During his entire tenure as Brewers manager, Ned has consistently shown an inability to manage an in-game pitching staff while sends out questionable lineup after questionable lineup. As much as it pains me to say it, the combination of Ned's ineptitude, the Brewers' youth, and the Cubs' finally figuring out how to win with a $175 million payroll will prevent the Brewers from qualifying for post-season play yet again this year. And the travesty of the whole thing is Ned will likely be back next year so he can be loyal to a fault all over again. Every year with him at the helm is a year wasted with this young group that won't be around too long.


Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we don't get swept this weekend by the lowly Giants. You can laugh at that statement all you want, but the pitching match-ups are not in our favor as Lincecum is pitching much better than he was when the Brewers saw him the first time and while Barry Zito is the most overrated, overpaid pitcher in baseball, he is still capable of pitching a gem (see earlier this week vs the Cubs).


Bad times in Brewtown people......

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I didn't even have to read much more than the first paragraph before I had a question. I posted something similar to this in the in game this morning but here goes. We lost a game and we know the second guessing will start because that is what everyone like to do I guess.


A couple days ago people were outraged that Balfour was in the game and we lost. So there were all these other ways that we should have won the game even though we only had two runs on the board. I guess pitching would have helped that as well. But we lost and all the questions about having Balfour in the game, blah blah, were out.


Now last night we get two quick outs and Villy loses it within a few hitters. He is one of the better arms we got out there and this is his time in the game to pitch. But Yost is supposed to know that he will fall apart in minutes and have someone ready? Even better, now we wanted to take Villy out in a tough sport, for Balfour? This is just getting crazy. Which way is it? I want Villy in there seeing he has gotten out of most of his problems and seeing he was facing a manageable hitter.


I think this is another sign that people are freaking out with this race getting tight and the excuses are just falling out of the mouth very easily now. Cubs will slow down and we just need to win each series and play the same ball. But this Yost talk gets better everyday. I have no idea how you could put this on him but we now have the answer. Balfour should have been in. Got it.

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Bad times in Brewtown people?!


This is getting ridiculous. I know so many people just bash Ned for what seems like something to do, but it's getting down right ridiculous! This team hasn't won in YEARS and here they sit on the verge of August with the best record in the National League, with a team of 21-24 year olds running the infield, had to deal with SP that didn't live up to expectations, and was STILL able to dip into their farm system to maintain the pace without having to make trades to stay above water.


Villanueva has had 2 bad outings, and they just happen to be within the last week. He had 2 outs in the inning, and you hate to burn another arm from the pen just to get 1 out. I swear, I don't know how much more of the "Ned is an idiot" crowd I can handle. You can't even turn on sportsradio 1250 anymore without hearing someone rip Ned to shreds.


They players love him, they organization loves him, they are 12 games above .500 with a division lead in late July. How fast everyone forgets how bad it's been for so long. I think some in this city need to flip on another game and just watch how "bad" every manager is in the entire league. This is just getting tiring.

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The biggest problem the Brewers have been having lately is offense. I take that back - second biggest problem. The biggest problem the Brewers have been having lately is that the Cubs are playing out of their minds. Every microscopic situation can then be blown entirely out of proportion. I agree that I have at times not understood Ned's in-game management, but it's definitely a case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't.'


Also, just a heads up, I don't think the F abbreviation is gonna end up flying.

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Because this looks to be a general Yost commentary thread, let's fit this discussion into either Who kidnapped Ned Yost? (the newer thread) or Yost's last stand? (the older thread).


Feel free to copy and paste your posts. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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