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Sweet weather photos


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This one I took up North from just off of Highway 64, An F-3 tornado ripped through this area on June 7th, and it left an area almost a mile wide of complete destruction. The pile of logs in the background are from some of the trees the twister took out. I thought the double rainbow added something to the photo, which I why I particullary like this image.



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Here's a few more for ya'. Check out the last one. The loon survived, by the way.





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snow outside my dorm room about 4 years ago


first day in the southern hemisphere:


unspectacular, but that's about all i've got.

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How did that happen with the loon? Did he swim into the line?


Funny you should ask.


Bobber down!



Get the net! This thing is taking out drag like nothing I've ever seen before.



You have got to be kidding me...


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