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MP3 player help!

I have an ILO mp3 player I bought from Wal-mart last fall. I really like it, and it has an SD card slot. I bought a 1 GB SD card and it will let me load songs on the SD card, and it shows there is a card, but the songs don't show up on the playlist. Any ideas as to what I can do to get it to work?
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I'll start with the obvious question: what formats can the player read (I'm guessing .mp3 & .wma), and what format are the songs in. You might need to transcode the songs (particularly if you bought them from iTunes).


Other potential problems:

- Did the user's manual for the mp3 player set any size limits for the SD card?

- I know that my old RCA Lyra required me to 'profile' the songs and re-index the files on the player before it could access them. You might need to do something similar.

- The player might have a different directory for songs on the SD card.


...beyond that, I'd have to take a look at the owner's guide.

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You're right, it reads MP3 and WMA. All my songs are WMA, as I'm taking CDs that I own, and ripping the songs. I won't buy music from Itunes for many and various reasons. The owners manual didn't do much good. It said up to 1 GB SD card. But, what I've done which seems to circumvent the problem is I took most of the music I had on the internal memory of the player, and put it on the SD card and it registered that it was there and played the songs. So now I'm adding to the internal memory and everything's still there at this point!
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