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2007 Milwaukee Brewers appreciation thread


My cousin and I were reminiscing about some of the horrible talent that the Brewers had in their organization during the middle to late 90s. The Brewers are lucky to even have a team in Milwaukee anymore thanks to this group so I just wanted to show my appreciation to the 2007 Brewers in memory of:


Robinson Cancel

Chuck Carr

Rafael Roque

Turner Ward

Scott Karl

Lou Collier

Eric Owens

Antone Williamson

Eric Plunk

Kyle Peterson

Jesse Levis

Steve Sparks

Kelly Stinnett

Luis Lopez

Bill Pulsipher

Kevin Barker

Brad Woodall

Sid Roberson

Ben MacDonald

Steve Woodard

Sean Berry

Bobby Hughes

Marc Newfield

Matt Mieske

Brian Banks

Jeff Juden

Todd Dunn

Bryce Florie

Marquis Grissom


If you ever get frustrated with this team, please read this list and you will immediately feel better. I am sure there are more that we did not think of, but this is the list we compiled over the course of an hour.


Go Brewers!

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