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Looking at our current major league roster we have a glaring need for some lefthanded arms in both the rotation and the pen. Parra has been ok at best and now that Wolf is gone and Narvy is injured we have no other lefties even on the current roster.


Outside of Bradley(who obviosly struggled this year) do we have any solid prospects who might be ready to help at the major league level in the next few years? Are any of them power arms?


I see the kid Sale for the White Sox dominate the Yankees last night and it makes me wish we could find a guy like that.


13th pick in the draft out of high school and pitching great in the AL at 23.

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Click on this link (also in the Forum here). Scroll it down and you can see pitchers by type and hand and sort the stats by any column you'd like, clicking the player names will zero in on their specific stats.


We had 6 left handed starting pitchers in the entire organization prior to Wolf's release: Narveson and Wolf in MLB, Bradley in A+, Juan Santiago in the DSL (still as a 21 year old) and then both Will West and Taylor Wall in Helena.


The only projectable LHP in the system above A was Bradley but with his decline in velocity he loses quite a bit of his luster. West has a frame that he could grow into and add velocity but doesn't have a big arm today, Wall was a 22nd round pick this summer who isn't going to blow anyone away but is a good pitchability guy.


So going into 2013 we'll have the enigma that is Bradley in BC or Huntsville, West and Wall in WI, and maybe Santiago in R ball if the organization hangs onto him. Unless Bradley takes off and regains velocity we don't currently have anyone in the system who matches Parra's FB velocity or stuff as a prospect today.

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