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K-Rod in 2013?


Warning: potentially heretical remarks forthcoming...


You know, it's kinda funny (or scary) that it's been hitting me this way, but with K-Rod having 6 straight hitless innings in a row, it gets me wondering again if he couldn't be a bullpen possibility for next year. Goodness knows he probably won't cost any team more than half (if that) of his $8M '12 salary, which, if he's indeed turned the corner (again like he did last year when we got him), isn't ridiculous dough for a quality late-inning non-closing reliever.


On the flip side, of course, Frankie's 2012 has been disastrous enough that it could also make total sense that his ship has sailed in terms of any future with the Brewers goes.


The emotional angle surely favors the latter -- justly so. But I just wonder if there's any merit to the former, too.


At least this winter, it would seem a safe bet that there wouldn't be any team willing to give even 2 seconds' consideration to signing him to be their closer.


Alright, rip away....

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I'd be all for it. If you look at his game log, it's been groupings here and there, about three of them in total that has really led to such an inflated ERA.


And he's a guy who's been a good reliever for his entire career. It's not like he came over last year, had half a good year, then had the type of year he's had this year.


I think if he looks good the rest of the way, a 2/6 type deal should be offered, and he has to know that this is a place he will at least have a chance to compete again for the closers role should he perform well.



It's the BP. It's just as likely the two of them return to their 2011 form as it is they perform like they did this year, worse than this year, one is great, the other is terrible.


But with a guy like K-rod who has two very good secondary pitches, I think you'll see a little revival to his career where he pitches backwards a little bit more to help him hang around for another 7-8 years barring injury and get people out.


I think he'd test the FA market, but, you're right, I don't think there will be a team that will offer even half of what he made this year(which would be 4.25). And I'd either go 2/6 or 1/4. I think spending 5 million on your CL/SU man is well within reason.


The thing is, after that, it's just so baffling.


You could argue that Parra should be brought back because he may be the most unhittable pitcher NOW on the roster when he's on and ahead in the count, but he's too often not ahead in the count. Still, I could see him going elsewhere next year and putting up a 2.25 type ERA.

Loe-Again, by himself, I'd like to see him back cheap as I really like him when his ball is moving and when he can get on top of that sinker. But too often he hasn't been able to do that this year.



My opinion differs with others on this, but I think with the 10 million they're supposed to be getting from MLB from TV and internet deals, the new TV contract that kicks in that adds 20+ million and the increased ticket prices, the Brewers will not only be able to stay where they where last year payroll wise, but add to it, at least in the short term.


Their lineup is rock solid IMO with the only questions being what to do with Carlos Gomez/LoganSchafe and then Mat Gamel/Aoki as I think Hart's locked up 1st base. So I could see Greinke being brought back, MAYBE another cheaper FA Starter who cano 200 innings and then some money on the BP.


Maybe bring back K-Rod, or maybe a couple guys like Randy Choate to give us a legit Loogy and a guy like Grant Balfour. Though Balfour may be a little too costly for a BP arm and might require a 3 year commitment at 4-5 million.

Icbj86c-"I'm not that enamored with Aaron Donald either."
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I like your analysis & tend to agree for the most part. I've long been a Balfour fan -- watched him come up w/ the Twins -- and sure wish we'd never traded him for Seth McClung, so I'd love to have him back. With how putrid the 'pen has been this year, signing a Balfour & re-signing K-Rod to deals like you suggest (throw a few incentives in there as appropriate) might be all the moves they'd need -- esp if Estrada ends up back in the 'pen. . . . That said, though, so little change to a bullpen that was SO bad does seem a bit counterintuitive.
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K Rod is exactly the type of guy we should be targeting if he was on another team. I think he's still got some productive baseball as a set up guy left in him. The problem is the casual fans will go nuts if he's blowing up again next year, even if he's signed to a cheap one year deal. My guess is DM won't want to take that risk. I would in a heartbeat...I hope he's back on a cheap one year deal.
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