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issues viewing forum on Android phone

has anybody else had any issues viewing the site on their mobile Android phones? all of the text for me is crammed on to the left side of my screen and it makes it very difficult to read through all of the posts.


any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Im going to assume you are viewing through the phones btowser? If you are, I'd highly suggest downloading Tapatalk (its free). Ive been using it to browse Brewerfan for a few years and it runs flawlessly
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I would rather not have to download another app and create another account. If I remember correctly Tapatalk had a much different interface than the website. Not in a good way either.


Edit: Yeah don't like Tapatalk. No idea what I have or have not read. Completely foreign interface. Not worth my time.

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Thanks for the reports. While I like Tapatalk, the site needs to work in mobile web browsers too. Most people spend some time using a web browser before opting for Tapatalk. But it also works the other way around as Tapatalk has brought in several members.


Google is starting to penalize sites' rankings if they don't meet certain mobile requirements, so some changes were made recently. There's a good chance that one of them backfired. We'll look into it.


For what it's worth, things look OK on my iPad. Is anyone having issues viewing the site on tablets?


If anyone is able to post a screen capture, that would be helpful.

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