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Yost Pinch-Hitting for Weeks


"I'm very uncomfortable doing it, but I just felt it was the right thing to do," Milwaukee manager Ned Yost said of the move. "Rickie's been struggling a little bit.


"It's not something I enjoy doing because Rickie's a kid who gives you everything he has," Yost added. "But at this point in the season I have to put the team first. That's what I did."




I'm glad Yost pulled the trigger and put of Graffy. Yost has been loyal to guys in the past, which is admirable, but sometimes you gotta know when to say enough is enough.

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Only positives can come out of this. Yost wins the game, sends a compelling message to his team about performance, and Weeks gets a stern wakeup call. I think Rickie is a high character guy and works dilligently to get out of this mess, but the fact of the matter is ala Jenkins of recent vintage we have seen very little change in his approach. He seems determined to fix this his way swinging at absurd pitches standing on top of the plate, etc...I am not Jim Skaalen but I have noticed no change in his approach. Hopefully this message helps him become the hitter he SHOULD be.


My big question will see this accountability the rest of the year and next? I ensivion still seeing Nedley say, "we knew it would be a full year to recover and another year to get back to where he was and then another year to take the next step".

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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