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2nd Half and Road vs. Home Expectations

I was watching a video through Yahoo! sports (where Tim Brown thought the Cubs would run away with the division, but Larry Stenson said it was the Crew's division to keep) and they made a comment about Arizona being shaky on the road because "they're a young team." Being the dumb, unassuming guy I am, I automatically thought to myself, "hmmm...well, that explains why the Crew is so bad on the road."


So, I decided to look at the schedule for the rest of the year, and I counted 38 more home games and 36 more away games (which includes a double header in Saint Louis). So, some quick, presumptuous arithmetic showed that at the current home record they stand to win 26 more games at home, and 14-15 of those road games, and end up with 89-90 wins.


Of course I wanted to think, wow, we play some crappy teams on the road, so we might even be able to pick up a few more there. Of course I quickly reminded myself of the most recent road trip.


Another thing that struck me is that our road record for the first half includes road trips against some very tough teams (New York, Phillie, San Diego, LA), and in the second half our two toughest road opponents look to be AZ and ATL.


Anyway, I'm putting out a few questions here for whoever has that information:


1) Are there any other instances/evidence that "young teams do poorly on the road" and can that really partially explain the Crew's record on the road?

2) For any stat heads out there, do we stand to have continued success at home since we'll now face NY, Phi, SD at home?


Just wondering what people think, and how they come to their conclusions. I know we've had prediction threads, but I don't recall any road vs. home threads off hand (sorry if there was one and I missed it.)



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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