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First inning domination


It seemed to me like we had absolutely been dominating coming out of the gates lately, so I went to check some stats.


In our last 12 games, we've scored 24 runs in the first inning alone, an average of 2 runs every time in the first inning for the last twelve games. We've scored in the first inning 9 out of the last 12 games.


The beginning of our lineup seems to be doing a VERY good job of getting to starting pitching immediately and seeing him well the first time around.


That's an absolutely dominating stretch. Doubt there's any way to look up something like this, but I can't imagine any 2 week stretch in recent memory when a team, or at least a Brewer team, has been swinging the bats so well in the first inning.

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I seem to recall the Mets going on a tear last year (or maybe it was the year before) during which they scored a certain number of runs in the first inning for a certain number of games in a row. Wow that was vague, sorry.
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