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Is the bullpen better than we think?


I know that the higher ERA's are now gone (Dessens, Capellan, Aquino) but from Woogies IGT:


Gallardo - 2.79

Villy - 2.83

Cordero - 2.90

Wise - 3.09

Spurling - 3.20

Shouse - 3.20

Turnbow - 3.68


Also this doesn't take into account inherited runners and there is still concern about playoff type relievers (i.e. dominant on back to back games against same club) don't we have to be happy with where they are at. If you told me before the season this would be the stats halfway through I would have been very happy (amazed that Spurling is at 3.20). So why do I look at Nashville and think that come August, Parra, Thatcher, and Balfour would be better fits with Villy, Wise, T-Bow, Coco (I am assuming that Gallardo will be in the rotation the last month or so). Is it just the fact we are spoiled with a wealth of relief options or are these guys playing over their heads?


I don't want to be one of those fans who forget what the bottom felt like but also think it is important to take your shots at a World Series title when you have one since the window of opportunity comes along infrequently (twice in 50 years) or can be fleeting (i.e. Chicago White Soxz).


So in summary I think I have been a little to hard on the current group so far but also think their is opportunity to have a better bullpen in the second half and playoffs.

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I don't think the pen is bad. The only problem is that there are 2 (was previously 3) guys who Yost doesn't use in key situations (Shouse & Spurling). Despite the fact that they have nice ERA's, if they are replaced by guys he does feel comfortable using, the pen will be even better.
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Also this doesn't take into account inherited runners
Maybe Russ or Ennder or someone could chime in with the best stat for evaluating inherited runners. Simply counting them 'breaks'. Allowing a runner to score from first with two out, for instance, is much worse than allowing a runner to score from third with nobody out.

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