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10/2/2004 Brewers (Big Ben) at Cards (Marquis)




Scott Podsednik CF .244 12 39 Tony Womack 2B .303 5 37 
Chris Magruder RF .235 2 10 Larry Walker RF .298 17 47 
Lyle Overbay 1B .297 15 84 Albert Pujols 1B .330 46 123 
Geoff Jenkins LF .264 27 91 Scott Rolen 3B .316 34 124 
Keith Ginter 2B .262 19 57 Jim Edmonds CF .304 42 111 
Russell Branyan 3B .235 11 27 Edgar Renteria SS .288 10 71 
Craig Counsell SS .239 2 22 Roger Cedeno LF .275 3 23 
Chad Moeller C .211 5 27 Mike Matheny C .245 5 49 
Ben Sheets RHP .111 0 1 Jason Marquis RHP .296 0 9 
(11-14, 2.80) (15-6, 3.66) 

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

[align=right]-- Sigmund Snopek[/align]

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Kinda stinks when you try to look at things from his standpoint. We're looking at our best offensive prospect coming up in the summer of 2006 permenantly at the earliest. MAYBE second half 2005, but I'm guessing that's a pipe dream.


I mean, you're stuck on a small market team with no consistency. You're a pitcher that could be the ace for quite a few major markets, you're probably going to end up with a drastically under-value contract for what you bring to the table. You get a little hope from new ownership, but most of your hope for the next couple years is solely on the shoulders of a couple of guys who arn't even in MLB yet.


This is what I call, a raw deal.


As a Brewer fan, it's a no brainer that I want him around. But he's kind of a guilty pleasure.

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The strangest thing for me about tonight's game was that I looked at Ben's pitching line and wasn't shocked. It's not that I expect that out of him every time, but he is capable of that every time. Good grief, he's good.


Any guesses on how much he makes next season? $7.5 mil sounds about right to me. He did set a new career high in wins tonight, too. Go Ben!


If the Brewers can just find one more Davis-caliber pitcher and figure out a thing or two in the bullpen, this could be an excellent staff next season. This is good, because the offense needs a huge overhaul, and that's going to cost Attanasio a lot of money.

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