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2 White Capuanos for trade

Title says it all.


And for all of you who talk about how easy it is to get a retro, I aligned myself to draw 4 out of the mixed boxes and got none so I'd love to hear the trick as I've yet to get one!


*Edit--Here's what I have:

03 Molitor--Home and Alt.

05 Fingers--Home

06 TBow--Home

06 Cooper--Home

06 Yount--Current and Powder Blue

07 Fielder--White

07 Hall--Both

07 Cappy--White






Simmons (both)


I need everything else. Thanks for looking!

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I don't need any more Cappy's but this year so far from 3rd base entrance I have gotten two blue '82 bobbles and from home plate I have gotten two blue '82 two retro Halls and a retro Cappy.


I didn't do anything fancy but randomly picked a line. I will say the retro Cappy from Sunday came from the entrance closest to ticket window 12.


I was first for the Uecker line so once I got my ticket I went and moved my car off of the street so it would not get towed. I parked in the preferred lot thanks to a free pass from a friend and then went in with two tickets the first time then 1 ticket and then back out and in again with my last ticket. I got my retro the first time with the two tickets.


I would say it is all luck for me and my friend I go with to the games because my friend has also gotten two '82 blues and a retro Hall doing the same thing I do.

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