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here are a couple of links to jobs in Springfield that are not advertised publically. The biggest employer in Springfield is the State of Illinois. if you see a job listing that is over 6 months since first posted and stil l open, that job will never be filled. it's kind of like an unfunded position that will never be filled.




another way to find a job quickly is to register with the Illinois job service. You fill out your qualifications, and if they match, an employer will send you an email of how to apply. I quaified for a job at Cargil foods because I said I could lift 50 pounds.




Good luck in your move. i live in a small town Beardstown 44 miles NW away. For a nice place to eat check out Chesapeak seafood, Alexanders make your own steak place and Marriahs.

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I have only been down to Sangamon County once for a trial of a former state education official of Illinois during my internship with the Waukegan News-Sun. The veteran reporter, who retired before the trial, handed the case over to me a week before the trial. He told me there really isn't much in downtown Springfield as far as tourist attractions and any good quality hotels. I concurred with him when I went down there, didn't spend much time down there, but from what I saw there is a lot of development as far as industry is concerned.

But like other people say, the State of Illinois needs all the help they can get. If you have a degree in social services, political science or human resources or some other deal where you once dealt with the public, you will likely get a good look by them.

But to say the least, there isn't much as far as jobs on the outskirts of Springfield. I was on I-55 for the whole drive from Milwaukee to Springfield, Ill twice in one day and its mostly farm towns outside of Springfield. The closest urbanized town or city is Decatur and Normal/Bloomington.

But all I can really remember about Springfield was the boring 5 hour drive beginning at 3:30am (I was cheap and didn't want to pay for a hotel room overnight so I went for the long haul and did a round trip from Milwaukee to Springfield and then Springfield to Waukegan that day.

But the people I talked to were very friendly and I may know an Assistant States' Attorney down there that you can get into contact with if you would like info on any state jobs.

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Thanks for the links. Actually planned on picking up an application at AIG. It's just for customer service, but interesting that you should mention that.
I also picked up some stuff from the Howlett Building, which is apparently home to their employment with the secretary of state.
I'll check out those links when I get the internet at home, for now, it's the Abe Lincoln public library though.
Cubs/Cardinals fans abound down here too, with the Brewers slide, it's not cool.

Also heard about Alexander's and plan on checking that out when I get a job and some cash. Big Reed, Any good high school sports teams (football now and then basketball) down here to check out?

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