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Utley...Front Runner for MVP


Chase Utley is Dayn Perry's choice for NL MVP. Prince gets a mention after ramirez, cabrerra, jones....essentially 5th in Perry's mind.

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"Before we get into this one, a few words about MVP criteria. If you read the ballot instructions that are given to each member of the BBWAA, you'll see that they expressly state that players on non-contending teams are to be considered for the award. Sometimes, the voters do this, and sometimes they don't. However, the argument that the MVP must come from a playoff/contending team is manifestly false.

The only objective standard is to give the award to the best player in the league. After all, if you pass over the best player because his team didn't win the division or Wild Card, then you're in essence penalizing him for the quality of his teammates. Inevitably, that leads to all kinds of semantic navel-gazing about the meaning of the word "valuable" and so on and so on. The best way to handle this award is to give it to the best player.

In the NL, Utley has been the best player thus far. Yes, he's on the DL at least until late in the month, and that means his standing will need to be reevaluated. It's entirely possible that the lost playing time will mean that, in the end, he doesn't deserve the award. Right now, however, he does. Utley provides good defense at an up-the-middle position, and, more importantly, he's hitting .336 AVG/.414 OBP/.581 SLG. As well, he ranks sixth in the NL in OBP and seventh in SLG.

Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins have both been (slightly) better offensively, but their shortcomings with the glove take them down a peg or two. Chipper Jones and Prince Fielder have their cases, as well, but right now it's Utley. Again, because of Utley's injury and the resultant loss of playing time, this one will definitely be worth revisiting at season's end."

Poster's Thoughts: My jaw dropped. If you are giving it to the best player, then why not Prince over Utley. Other than BA, Prince has been ahead of Utley in nearly all of the offensive categories and was before Utley was on the DL, with the exception of RBI's. But if Dayn Perry is going to say you can't punish players for their teammates, then you can blame Prince for not driving in what isn't on base. Sounds to me like you have an east coast writer with an east coast bias.
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