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Make them go 7 innings

In the month of August, the Brewers starting staff is averaging 5.5 IP per start, down from 5.85 average on the season. That's a drop, but it's not a hugely significant one, as some might have expected. I think a big part of that dip is the 2.2 inning start from Yovanni during the blowout in Colorado. I'm not cherry picking, but suggesting that aside from one blowout loss, our starters have generally been going just as long as they have all season, and that the IP our starters are giving us is no worse than league average.


I'll say it once again, I think bullpen mismanagement has a lot more to do with the relief staff being burnt out than it does with the starters not going enough innings.

Thanks for the number crunching, RoCo. Given the "only" slight drop-off, I'd have to agree - mismanagement ("Hey Villy! Warm up, kid - you're going in for the 100th game in a row!") is the most likely cause at this point.

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