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Looking ahead a month to the Cubs series


Both teams have off days in August (13 and 27), and assuming no teams skip starters on their off days for the month, no injuries, and no Sheets return, we're looking at this for the pitching matchups against the Cubs:


08.28: Hill vs. Bush

08.29: Marshall vs. Vargas

08.30: Zambrano vs. Capuano


What do people think about the pitching matchups? I don't like that we will likely not get to have Sheets or Gallardo in this series. Getting Sheets back into the rotation for this series would be very big, hopefully he can make it back by then.

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I'd be willing to bet quite a sum of money that those will not actually be the match-ups. Even if they were - are we really looking at pitching match-ups froma series that is a month a way, and trying to project what is going to happen?
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