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First Link Report by mid-day; and a little Mass Haas history

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If I can indulge you for a moment, because I'm asked quite often -- how did a lifelong Massachusetts resident latch on to the Brewers?


My dad was a bigger football guy, so as the oldest child, I had kind of free reign to adopt a favorite baseball team without a big Red Sox influence in my life. As a ten-year-old, I remember buying a package of baseball stickers that could have randomly been any team. It was the Brewers, and I immediately made myself a Brewer T-Shirt with the stickers.


My grandmother recently passed away at 93, and we found this linked clipping among her belongings. It's from 1973, 34 summers ago, I was ten years old, probably five days into my Brewer fandom (OK, obsession, if you will). Notice the T-shirt. Good looking kid, if I say so myself http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


Adobe link:




And here I am, all these years later with tons of Brewer memories tucked away, one of your humble "Link Reporters", along with pogokat (Brad) again this year.


Thanks, Jim Powell, for the shout out last night, which I heard live (that's always cool), and here's to a great season of Brewer ball, both on the big league and prospect level.

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