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Minor League depth charts

I was curious if there was any way that BF.net or a poster on here could keep an updated depth chart for every minor league level. I can see where the rookie teams would get hard so even if it was for the other 4 levels. Including some sort of a starting rotation and things?
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Am I the only one who cares about this at all? Come on guys...here are my best guesses based on limited information?


AAA Nashville Sounds



Mike Rivera

J.D. Closser

Vinny Rottino



Brad Nelson

Andy Ahbad



Callix Crabbe

Vinny Rottino



Chris Barnwell

Ozzie Chavez



Ryan Braun

Vinny Rottino



Drew Anderson




Joe Dillion

Tydus Meadows



Vinny Rottino

Jose Macias



1.) Yovani Gallardo

2.) Zach Jackson

3.) Tim Dillard

4.) Chris Oxspring

5.) R.A. Dickey



Jose Capellan

Alec Zumwalt

Chris Spurling

Dennis Sarfate

Mitch Stetter

Steve Bray

R.A. Dickey

Luther Hackman

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While both have excellent bats, neither Dillon nor Meadows have the range for center. Meadows is sure handed, but his range is a little iffy even for the corner (which is part of why he's spent a fair amount of time at DH over the years). As for Dillon, he's versatile but slooow - he's best at third, but he can also offer average-to-below range at first, second, or left in a pinch.
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