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Audio / Video Updates for Manatees in 2007

Mass Haas

We'll follow-up with the Manatees to try and learn more, but a pretty exciting press release here:




The Brevard Mantees have made it official. The 2007 season will give the Manatee nation unprecedented multimedia coverage. Radio, web, live audio and video are just a few of the plans on tap for 2007. Manatees broadcast and media director, Scott Pinner has announced several hi-tech changes to the Manatees broadcast division.


The Manatees are asking fans to be ready for live radio broadcast in 2007 on more than one local station as well as live video and audio coverage of the team on the world wide web.


"We will have full season coverage both in audio and video form of the team in 2007 on both the radio and the web" Said Scott Pinner, Manatees Media and Broadcasting director. "We already have one local radio contract in place for the season and currently negotiating a second for a level of coverage the team has never been able to provide".


The Manatees will also offer several new features inside the stadium to enhance the game-day entertainment experience for fans. Stay tuned, more updates to come.


Wow, even if it's from perhaps a single behind-the-plate camera, live video would be tremendous. Imagine being able to peek in on a Will Inman start, whether live, or perhaps archived?


I have little doubt that MLBAM (MLB Advanced Media) has huge plans for the coming years, and apparently, 2007. Wouldn't it be great if live video would be the norm for all the affiliates some time soon? Nice...


Also, the "teal" is leaving Space Coast this off-season:



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Our thanks to new "Voice of the Manatees" Scott Pinner for some further details:


We have two radio stations that will be covering us here locally on the Space Coast. We will have roughly 65 games on the radio this year, look for the schedule to be announced soon. All 140 games will be broadcast via the web (home and away). I am also currently trying to negotiate a state wide simulcast of the All Star game in Daytona as well.


Our video coverage will include video hi-lites and clips from Manatees games as well as special in house productions for the promotion of the team via the web site. We are trying to do webcast of video (highlights) from the road but at this time the technological requirements for that are beyond what most stadiums on the road are equipped for.


So no actual video game streaming quite yet, but even some game highlights makes for an exciting update.

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Link while active, text follows:




Manatees expand audience

New media chief helps minor league team connect with radio, online




VIERA -- - Brevard County Manatees players aren't in the major leagues yet, but to local fans, it may soon sound like they are.


Scott Pinner, hired this season as the Manatees' director of broadcasting and media, is spearheading a new broadcast initiative at Space Coast Stadium that will include games on the radio and online, as well as an in-house signal (94.5 FM) that will allow fans who bring in a radio to listen to the game while they are watching it live.


Pinner will handle Manatees play-by-play; Mississippi State graduate Mark Muzzi, who played on the Bulldogs' 2005 SEC championship baseball team, is in charge of color commentary; and Penn State junior Lauren Ferrell will do the on-field reporting.


"So we have a three-person radio team, which usually you only get at the Triple-A or major-league level," Pinner said.


The Manatees are a Class-A advanced affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.


Starting with the home opener against the Daytona Cubs on April 5 (7 p.m.), Manatees games can be heard on WIXC AM-1060 and WMEL AM-920. WIXC will carry all Wednesday and Thursday games, while WMEL will broadcast the Saturday game of the week.


In all, about 60 of Brevard County's 70 home games will be covered on the radio.


Fans also can listen to all 140 games online at www.manateesbaseball.com. That's a nice perk for the players' families, who are located in different parts of the country -- and in some cases -- different parts of the world.


"I'm real happy knowing that a 21-year-old kid has a chance to have his folks listen to the games at home," Pinner said.


Pinner hopes to add live video for 20 of the games to the Web site presentation.


There also will be an in-stadium video feed that will help fans decide what to do when rain threatens.


"So the hundred calls we get on rain days saying, 'Hey, is it raining at the stadium?' Now you can go to our Web site," said Manatees general manager Buck Rogers. "There's a live feed and you can see if the tarp is on the field or not."


Experience factor


If it involves sports and media, chances are Pinner has done it.


For the past three years, Pinner has been the lead announcer at Disney's Wide World of Sports. He has been the lead announcer for Atlanta Braves spring training games the past two seasons, as well as the public address announcer for select Houston Astros spring training games at Osceola County Stadium.


Pinner was the PA announcer for the inaugural World Baseball Classic, handling the Orlando region games. He is the national voice for Pop Warner and has worked the organization's past three Super Bowls.


In 2003-04, Pinner was the radio voice for the University of North Florida. While there, he created the UNF Radio Network, which is still going strong. The North Merritt Island resident also played a major role in announcing college sports, and was named the Voice of Softball in America by Softball Magazine in 1998.


"Scott is coming in here bringing a wealth of experience and is going to take the fan experience to the next level," Rogers said. "He's got the knowledge, he's got the vision . . . We're so fortunate to have him -- the fans are going to love what he does."


They might even love it as much as Pinner. The University of Georgia graduate is smiling a lot these days and the reason is simple.


"Because baseball is fun," Pinner said. "And the best place you can take your two kids and the wife on a Wednesday night in the summer is the ballpark. It's enjoyable, it's entertaining; you never know what's gonna happen and you can see the future of the Milwaukee Brewers play. It's the best seven-dollar ticket in town."


Perfect fit


Pinner's position with the team happened almost by accident. He originally came in to talk with Rogers and team president Charlie Baumann about a sales position, but the discussion quickly turned to Pinner's vast media knowledge.


"Buck and I made the decision right there and then," Baumann said. "I didn't want to let him leave. It was clear he would be a really, really nice fit."


Baumann had originally met Pinner -- and was impressed with him -- the previous year when he was interviewed on "The Manatee Minute," a segment that ran on Pinner's "Space Coast Sports" show on Brighthouse Networks. Pinner still produces the 30-minute show, which appears on Channel 15 every Thursday at 7 p.m. The show is replayed Mondays at 6 p.m.


You'll also hear Pinner's voice at Space Coast Stadium for Washington Nationals spring training games. He'll be the PA for all 14 home games.


"I've been real lucky," he said. "God gave me a good set of pipes."


Several Manatees commercials are in the works with the plan of airing them on Bright House in the near future. Expect plenty of spoofs, Manny the Manatee -- and of course -- Scott Pinner.


"We've got big plans for Scott," Baumann said. "He greatly enhances the Manatees experience for the fans. Our goal is to provide a quality, affordable family experience for the people in Brevard, and I think Scott helps us accomplish that goal."

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I have the feeling we'll be bombarding you with audio and (some) video feeds from all the affiliates this year.


Buck Rogers, Manatees GM:


Those fans that wish to stay up to date on Manatees happenings we have some exciting news for you! Manatees Director of Media and Broadcasting, Scott Pinner, and WMEL-AM 960 have agreed to feature a Monday morning Manatee Insanity Radio Program. Beginning later this spring, the show will feature interviews with players and coaches, call-ins, things going on in the stadium, the Manatees in community events, and much, much more. Make sure you're dialed in to WMEL on Monday mornings this season to get your dose of Manatee Insanity.


This radio station does stream, so when we get confirmed broadcast times, that will be available. Hopefully Scott will archive these "shows" as well.


Just give the quotable Will Inman his own show each week http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif !

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From GM Buck Rogers:


Kirk Aigus, from WMEL has been named to the Manatees Broadcast team and he will host a one hour Manatees game of the week preview show on WMEL on Saturdays. It will air for one hour prior to the Manatees game of the week on WMEL.


This show will be a live call in type show and then "Voice of the Manatees" Scott Pinner will join Kirk on the air each week for the Manatees 15 minute pre game show, then Scott will take over the Manatees broadcast from there. This will be a weekly feature on WMEL in addition to the Manatees game of the week and will be just another piece of the Manatees radio network puzzle. Thanks to WMEL's Vern and John Harper for supporting the Manatees with this special feature in 2007!


Also, we will be at Beef O'Brady's after each Manatees Sunday home game for the post-game party and radio wrap up show, another WMEL radio feature on the Manatees Radio Network.


Don't forget to join us each and every off day all season long at the Hooters Merritt Island for the Manatees Hooters Hot Line Show. The show will feature special guests, Manatees players and coaches as well as an interactive call-in segment to answer your questions. Scott and Kirk will host the show which will be featured on both local radio and webcast thru our web site (www.manateesbaseball.com). The purpose of this show is to increase fan interaction and team awareness throughout the entire Space Coast community and pick up fans from around the globe. We will include contests and prizes for the fans in attendance as well as the fans listening at home. Thanks to Hooters Merritt Island and Miller Lite, the official sponsors of this live baseball show. Here is the season-long schedule of fun of post-game activities at Hooters Merritt Island:


a.. Sunday April 22nd 2007 7:00 pm

b.. Sunday May 13th 2007 7:00 pm

c.. Sunday June 17th 2007 7:00 pm (this is also the FSL All Star game follow up show)

d.. Tuesday July 10th 2007 7:00 pm (the Manatees and Hooters will host Major League Baseball All Star Game, complete with Big Screen TVs, Miller Lite beer specials, food specials, wings and the always famous Hooters Girls...delightfully tacky, yet unrefined. Yeah, you get the picture.

e.. Monday August 13th 2007 7:00 pm

f.. Monday Sept 3rd 2007 7:00 pm (our end of season show if the Manatees are not involved in the playoffs...we think we'll be in the playoffs and will continue this party)


Manatees fans are encouraged to join us after Sunday home games at Hooters Merritt Island for all the fun. if you can't make it you can tune in and call in to participate, except you won't have the wings, the girls or as much fun. In fact, you'll won't have much fun at all if you're not there. Better just make the plans to attend so your life isn't just one big void.

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I hope to listen and not hear "Braun throws over the first baseman's head." I am really hoping Braun can figure out his defense and be on the big club within 1-3 months. This is awesome to be able to listen to the Manatees!
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Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, April 7th for the 2-hour premiere show of the Sports Addiction @ 5pm on WMEL AM920. Topics of discussion will be the NCAA championship game (possibly Gators win again), the NFL free agency mover and shakers, MLB predictions, a surf report with a special guest in regards to the Sebastian Inlet and Manatee mania.


This will definitely be a fun and exciting show. Don't forget Saturday, April 7th @ 5pm followed by the debut of the Brevard County Manatees game of the week on WMEL AM920.

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