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I'm staying at a hotel with 3 Appalachian League teams


I'm working on the wireless internet in a hotel in Johnson City TN this week. I happened to notice a couple of large busses outside before I went inside. Once in there, I noticed an awful lot of minor league ballplayers.


I noticed players from at least 3 teams; Orioles, Blue Jays and Devil Rays. For the most they were pretty cool, but last night at about 3 AM there was a loud ruckus outside my hotel room door. I can somewhat understand it considering they are young kids, but they could be a bit more professional.


My co-worker had to go in a room or two to check on some equipment. One of the rooms was a player's room. He said it was littered with condoms and blood everywhere. Kind of nasty.


The housekeepers are really pissed off, not just about that room.

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