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  • Hey, Want to Pick Over the Bones of the World Series-Losing Diamondbacks?

    Matthew Trueblood

    The Arizona Diamondbacks eliminated the Brewers from the 2023 postseason, and went on to the World Series. Their magic ran out there, though, and now, they might be a prime place for Milwaukee to find infield help for 2024.

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    As underwhelming as Jordan Lawlar's first cup of coffee in the big leagues was, he's likely to be the starting shortstop for Arizona on Opening Day in 2024. His speed and power are dazzling, and he could be an impactful defender at the most important position on the infield. Since Ketel Marte was terrific in the first season of his contract extension (and even better in the playoffs), he's pretty well locked in at second base. At third, there's more fluidity, because Evan Longoria might retire or sign elsewhere, but they do still have Emmanuel Rivera in the mix.

    Somewhere in there, Geraldo Perdomo has to find a home. The 2023 All-Star just turned 24 last month, during the Snakes' magical postseason run. He doesn't have Lawlar's or Marte's tools. He makes up for the shortfall, though, by being one of the best hitters in baseball at the art of controlling the strike zone. He chases outside the zone extraordinarily rarely, and when he swings, he makes contact at one of the highest rates in baseball. That's why Perdomo had a .353 OBP this year. 

    Pair those skills with good speed and above-average defense at shortstop, and Perdomo is a first-division regular--even if he won't come close to making the All-Star team most years. He's under team control through 2027, and won't even become arbitration-eligible until after 2024. He's the kind of player who can catalyze the lineup from the bottom of the batting order, in addition to his considerable defensive value. It's not hard to imagine why the Brewers would have interest.

    Under what circumstances could they pry him loose? After all, while Perdomo would be a third baseman so unorthodox as to make any roster builder uneasy, he could play the position, and he's a better hitter than is Rivera. He could also remain the regular shortstop to open the season, with Lawlar either sanding off his rough edges in the minor leagues or manning the hot corner. Perdomo is a valuable player, and although he's a problematic fit for the team who currently hold the rights to him, any trade for him would have to include someone pretty good.

    As it happens, the Diamondbacks came up one legitimate starting pitcher short of giving the Rangers a real fight in the Series this fall. They'll still have Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly next year, and Brandon Pfaadt seems to have turned the corner in his emergence as a mid-rotation starter, but the team still needs help in that unit. Kelly is likely to decline slightly, with age. Injuries are always a lurking threat. There's a framework, here, involving the Brewers trading Corbin Burnes to Arizona in exchange for a package centered around Perdomo. 

    Obviously, barring a trade of Willy Adames, Perdomo wouldn't play shortstop for the Crew. Nor is Milwaukee any better positioned to use him at third base than are the Diamondbacks given their need for power at the corners. At second base, though, Perdomo could be an improvement on Brice Turang, who showed a similar dearth of power but nowhere near the same zone and contact skills as Perdomo this year. Then, too, there's always a chance that the Crew do elect to trade Adames, and Perdomo would make a fine replacement. 

    Marte would be the best fit for Milwaukee, but he's probably endeared himself too much to the fan base for the team to consider trading him now, even as his contract makes him fairly expensive. Lawlar is exciting enough to be almost untouchable in trades. Rivera wouldn't make the Brewers any better, relative to fringe options like Owen Miller and Abraham Toro who already cling to the edges of the roster. Perdomo might represent a sweet spot, though, and could be a high-upside addition to a team still in need of depth throughout the lineup.

    What do you think of the Diamondbacks as potential trade partners for the Crew this winter? Are there any other members of the team who make more sense? Let the hot stove percolate.

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    I am a bit more interested in picking over the bones of teams like the Ray's and Pads who are overbudget and will likely need to sell off some key players. Maybe even a team or 2 with new management like the Mets, Marlins, or giants.

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    Perdomo isn’t a good player, average at best. Ketel Marte and a lottery ticket to pry loose Burnes. Better deals are to be had with different teams than Zona.

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    It all hinges on what the Brewers do with Burnes and Adames.  I would trades either and both if I got the haul I wanted, I would keep either or both if I didn't.  They will continue to have value throughout the year.

    The package around Perdomo would have to be awfully strong and sweet for me to give Burnes for a deal with him in it.

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    Let's just think about this for a second.

    We're going to trade Burnes, for a package built around a 24-year-old SS who is coming off a .712 OPS and at age 23...posted a .547 OPS and a .7 WAR(edit) and we're going to play him at 2B to replace our 23-year-old SS who posted a....585 OPS and a 1.6 WAR as a rookie?


    That's +.6 WAR from what rookie Turang produced for Corbin Burnes...? 

    I'd roll the dice, hope that these other hitters coming up can produce and Turang can grow and develop into, if not a impact player, a nice complimentary player.

    I do believe Turang has the place discipline and bat-to-ball skills to be at least as good as '24 Perdomo.


    Edit-Perdomo actually put up a .7 WAR last year when he was 23 and a 2.2 WAR this year, his 3rd in the league vs Turang's 1.6 WAR.

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