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7/14/07 Non Brewers IGT


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1-0 'Stros; tune in if you dare, it's the official Hunter Pence love fest early in the broadcast. They basically gave him ROY, I hear the Brewers have some decent kid named Braun?


Yeah I heard that. His RBI groundout was the best I've ever seen.

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Nice 1-2-3 inning from Oswalt. Honestly if Houston is going to win a game in this series this would be the one.


I can't believe Garner's lineup this is what it should be everyday.


1. Biggio/Burke 2B

2. Loretta 1B

3. Pence CF

4. Lee LF

5. Berkman RF

6. Ensberg 3B

7. Bruntlett SS

8. Ausmus C

9. Pitcher

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LOL at the guy saying Jones always liked the ball up and then they show his hot zones and the high part of the zone is blue and the bottom part is red.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif
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Let's go notCubs!


Speaking of the scrubs, it's nice to see that Fontenot is no longer putting up numbers that would put Ted Williams to shame...


I find it funny how Mark Derosa keeps playing in the outfield. I swear, it seems like that team has five middle infielders and six corner outfielders.

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