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Cary (NC) Modified Fast Pitch League


Since I can't play with you guys, I figured I would post about my season playing for Chico's Bail Bonds in the Modified Fast Pitch Softball League in Cary, NC. This is a team I joined through Craigslist, and I'm really not sure how we'll do.


Tonight (4/9) is the season opener, and it's 75 and sunny!

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Chico's Bail Bonds falls 11-9 to Dakota Grill due to some questionable defense at 3rd base and Right Center (it was the first time I've played outfield in about 7 years). I went 2-3 with a run scored. I also lured the catcher to attempt a pick-off throw at first base, and he tossed it into right field, causing the runner on second base to score.


Chico's: 0-1

BuckyTuba: .667, 1R, 0 RBI

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Chico's Bail Bonds get "slaughter ruled" 15-0 last night. BuckyTuba makes his cleanup debut, and responds with a solid 0-2, 2K performance. I ran into the outfield fence going back on a flyball which became a homer.


Chico's Bail Bonds - 0-2

BuckyTuba - 2-5, 1R, 0RBI

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