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Strat-O-Matic Online 1986: play it for FREE


(Same disclaimer as last time: I work for SportingNews.com, so this technically qualifies as a plug, but it also constitutes a baseball lover/Brewer fan's desire to share a cool thing with his favorite and only message board he frequents. You can see from my profile I have over 200 posts here, so I hope this post is welcome. If this violates any policy, or is in the wrong place, I apologize)


Back in November I posted here to let you know about our "official" re-creation of the 1986 baseball season using the Strat-O-Matic Baseball Online game engine, with personalities like Curt Schilling, Doug Glanville, and the Howard Stern Show's Baba Booey managing each team. As expected the Brewers (helmed by Brew Crew Ball's Jeff Sackmann) aren't really a factor in the AL East race, but there's some terrific division battles raging with just a month left in the season. You can check in on the action here.


But the new news is that for a limited time we're offering a full season of the publicly playable, 1986 edition of our Strat-O-Matic Online game, for absolutely free. No strings attached. This means you'll draft a team, make trades, and set your lineups, pitchers, strategy preferences, and each night a 3-game series is simulated by our system. Each morning you can go through the recaps and boxscores, scout your next opponent and make changes if necessary. Since 3 games are played a night, you get through the 162-game season in about 2 months, and if you're good (and/or lucky) enough, you'll play in a 2-round postseason. Again, the entire season is absolutely free, as long as you get in right away.


I thought it might be fun to get some Brewerfan leagues going. Whaddaya say? Ain't nothing to lose!


Get your free 1986 team here!


Thanks a lot,


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why has nobdy but doug glanville posted in the blog section in the past couple months? the first few weeks all kinds of people were posting, then it was nothing but glanville.


just thought i would ask

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