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Catcher production in March/April

Has anyone noticed that over the past few seasons our catchers have really performed well offensively in the first month of the season? It especially seems like they've been hitting a ton of doubles. Check out these numbers (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS):

Chad Moeller (March/April 2004): .245/.351/.449/.800

Damian Miller (March/April 2005): .304/.368/.406/.774

Damian Miller (March/April 2006): .302/.384/.492/.876 (9 doubles)

Johnny Estrada (March/April 2007): .312/.346/.455/.800 (8 doubles)

Jason Kendall (March/April 2008): .328/.378/.448/.826 (8 doubles)

Weird, eh? Even Moeller had a pretty good start back in '04. The only downside is that in each case, their offensive numbers regressed as the season went on. Obviously Kendall's numbers will come down as well (partly because he's hitting way over his head, partly because catcher is such a grueling position), but let's hope that we don't see a repeat performance of the last 5 years (awesome March/April -> mediocre to terrible rest of season).

Matt Kain

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