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Motorcycle suggestions wanted. $3k or less.


I'm looking to get another motorcycle. I used to have a 1976 Yamaha XS650 but due to electrical and other problems, it was let go. I have not had a bike for a few years but with gas prices, renewed interest, etc. I think I'm going to look at motorcycles. I may get one sometime soon but I'm not really sure as to great values. I have around 3 grand to drop which obviously rules out a Harley Davidson. Fine by me. I will not buy a "crotch rocket". I prefer a cafe style bike and I need it to have a passenger in mind. I think a 650 is probably a bit too small, but maybe not. I'm not going to go on any long trips by any means, mostly just city riding.

How do you feel about Honda?


A Cow? (kawasaki)

Other bikes?

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I just purchased a scooter. That sounds lame, but it's not. It's a 2007 Yamaha Majesty. It's 400cc and probably 470 lbs. fully fueled (that's bigger than some motorcycles). I'm still breaking it in, but they are capable of 100 mph and 75 mpg. Currently, I am getting 55 mpg, but it should get better once it is broken in. It's all city driving for me, so that cuts down the mpg too. I was spending $25-30/week for my Escort fuel needs. I fill the scooter with premium fuel for $10/week(Tucson, AZ gas prices). It doesn't need premium fuel though. I'm just breaking it in with premium. I figured I would save about $1000/year in gas. It was a leftover 2007, and I got it out the door for just under $6000(all the tax, title, set-up, etc included) with a $300 helmet and gloves thrown in.


It's automatic, so it's easy to drive. It has tons of storage. I can put my school bag and a full-face helmet under the seat. I only have 600 miles on it so far, but I love it. It's easier to justify in AZ, because if I really want, I can drive it year-round.


Honda makes a 650cc scooter, I don't know much about them. Suzuki makes the Burgman in both 400 and 650cc. I was originally looking at used Suzuki's. I don't know if they are popular enough in WI to find a used one in your price range. I would take a closer look at them though. They aren't cool and rumbly like a Harley. They aren't fast like a Sport bike, but probably have more pep than a lot of cars. They are just a great, practical machine. The storage was the selling point for me. Automatic transmission does it for others. I have a lot of co-workers searching around for big scooters now.


These scooters have a cult following. I know the Majesty and Burgman each have their own message boards if you want to read some more about them.



I haven't had a passenger yet, but there is plenty of room for one. It's the first bike I have ever driven on the road. They are pretty easy to drive, so if the wife is inexperienced, it may be a good starting point for her. They do require a Motorcycle license.

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