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New MLB.tv commercial music


All of you with mlb.tv will know what I'm talking about.


Mlb.tv has their own commercials between innings. Currently there is one running that has the most boring, banal, depressing music there could possibly be for a commercial that literally begs the consumer to "Keep Watching."


Imagine a two-note, slow piano with long sustain. Imagine the tone to be something you'd expect to hear in a movie in which people walk in to a mental hospital and visit a family member. It's that bad.


The general theme of the commercial goes like:


Two notes...


voiceover: "Willie Mays. (whatever date), 1969."


Two more notes, the second just a little higher...


voiceover: "600."


Two more notes...


And eventually it ends with Ken Griffey Jr saying, "Keep watching."



Keep trying, mlb.tv.

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