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06/13/06 Non-Brewer Game Thread


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A-Rod's first inning tonight:


First of all, regardless of his stats, he's been very poor in clutch situations recently. Yankee fans are booing him every game.


First batter of the game tonight: routine pop-up - an 8-year old could have caught it with no problem. A-Rod has it clank off his glove, it ricochets off of three body parts, and he stumbles to his left to finally catch it.


Second batter of the game: ground ball to his right - A-Rod whiffs - double down the line.


First at-bat: 1st and 3rd, 1 out. Paul Byrd is pitching. Byrd blows three 87-MPH fatballs right by him. Even his family was booing him after that.

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