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Cubs after Griffey and Dunn/ Reportedly offering peanuts

Bruce Levine from ESPN1000 in Chicago has reported that the Reds have been fielding offers from the Cubs for one or both of their sluggers. Levine stated that he thought the Griffey offer was for Matt Murton and Sean Gallagher, which in my mind is not a great deal to give up.


Bruce has some sources, but is also a shill, so take the rumor for what it is worth....also, the Cubs play the Reds 12 more time the rest of the year....

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I could actually see Adam Dunn getting traded. The Reds could probably get more for him now if the option wouldnt be void. It would be an interesting scenario but I could see something like a NBA sign and trade:

Adam Dunn agrees to an one year extension worth 14 million, and is traded.

Dunn gets: 1 million more dollars and to play for a contenting team

Reds get: More than they would a next seasons deadline

The contending team gets: 60 home runs and a .370 OBP in a year and a half for 20 million and whatever it would take to get Dunn.


I thought the Cubs werent in a position to pick up more salary after the fun spending spree this winter an d the potential sale of the team. I would be surprised if Murton and Gallagher were anywhere close to what it took to get it done.

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