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Brewers Rivalry vs. Cubs and White Sox?

I was only 15 when the Brewers moved to the National League and have always been curious about this, as I have never lived in Wisconsin. I spent every summer there for 3 months until I was 13, but only lived there for 2 weeks when I went to UW and decided it wasn't for me. But in all that time, I never remember the hate for the White Sox being anywhere near as high as what it it is for the Cubs.


Why is that Wisconsinites? I know all about the hatred for FIBs and their big city attitude as I have recently spent much time back there. But I never recall the hatred being so high for the White Sox. I for one loathe the Cardinals, but don't necessarily hate the Cubs.


Someone explain this to me.

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First off, that rivalry was a little more heated than you remember, included one very memorable fight between the two managers, in the days of Garner and Bevington.


For a long time, the two teams were not in the same division, I think that had a lot to do with the difference. Once the AL Central was created, that rivalry definitely heated up.


There is an added level right now because the Brewers and Cubs are fighting each other for a division title. I think if that had happened with the Sox, there would have been a very similar reaction.

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Actually, the Brewers / White Sox rivalry was pretty hot for a while. I think it came to a head in the 90's as was mentioned in the post before mine. I used to have a video of the Garner / Bevington fight on youtube before someone (MLBap) stepped in an had it removed.


When the Brewers first moved to the NL lots of Brewers fans said "oh you just can't hate the Cubs". There was a very large segment of people that though this was going to be kind of a friendly rivalry. And it started out that way. The Cubs and Brewers had been playing a home and away series (at County Stadium & Wrigley) just prior to the start of the regular season for a few years before the Crew moved to the NL. And during that time, it was friendly.


When Sox fans came to County Stadium you expected a fight in the stands, where as when the Cubs came in for that one game a year you'd sit next to a Cub fan,buy him a beer and talk about how much you hated the White Sox. An "enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of thing.


It wasn't until the big home run chase of Sosa's that things started to turn. That was about the time that Cubs fans really started to over run County Stadium and later Miller Park. Prior to that it was usually a pretty partisan crowd that got along "ok". Once Cubs fans "took over" our park all the "friendly" went out the window.


Top that with the fact that we are in the same division, we are competing cities in close proximity of one another and you have the makings of a good rivalry, even if Chicagoan's don't want to admit it.

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If i am not mistaken, wasn't there a fight right behind home plate between 2 women one a Brewer fan and a white sox fan and i was caught on tv. When the white sox were having a good year there fans came in droves in cs. I also thought that the cubs fans were better than the sox fans but i was sure wrong, i know think the cubs fans are worse.
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