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Mike Gonzalez to Red Sox or Yanks?


He's rumored to be going to either of these two clubs.



What will it take for us to get him? He would be a great LHRP for this year and a possible closer for the future. Heck, maybe even a closer this year.


We could offer an outfielder and a reliever, knowing that we'd be getting a reliever of our own.


Jenks and Sarfate for Gonzalez?


That would be an outstanding pen.

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I'd be willing to bet the Bucs would want a MLB-ready player/pitcher in addition to Mench/Jenks. My offers, in order, would be adding one of TBow, Aquino, or Capellan.


I do have to say I'd be uneasy about trading two guys to an interdivisional rival, though. Buuuuuuttt, with that arm in return, I could get over it.


If the Pirates wanted a younger arm/player, Sarfate is a decent choice, but so are Aquino (28 ) & Capellan (25), who have both proved ready for MLB

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Yeah, unless we are talking Weeks, Gallardo, Braun, or Fielder, I don't think the Pirates are picking up the phone.


The Gonzalez is up for arbitration and want to parlay a really good relief pitcher for a good, cheap, young bat.


One rumor a while ago was Gonzalez to Atlanta for Adam Laroche.


I think that is the type of deal that needs to be done for anyone to land him.

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