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Cubs after Lofton!

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs are "working to sign" Kenny Lofton to play center field. Rogers was quoting a Major League source in the article.


Should Julio Lugo opt for the Mets or Red Sox, the Cubs are basically left with Lofton as the only reasonable free agent center fielder. The backup plan appears to be using Alfonso Soriano there.


I think Lofton is a fine idea for the Cubs; I thought so last year too. You get a decent OBP on a one-year deal. Lofton's defense doesn't impress at this point, and 130 games is a stretch, but it's a smart low-risk move. The oft-touted Felix Pie will be 22 next season; he could learn as Lofton's backup and won't be blocked when he's ready.





They stole are idea!!!

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It's important to note that many teams are "working to sign" FAs like Lofton right now. Melvin has mentioned being in discussion with his agent, and it seems the Cubs desire to throw offers at as many FAs as possible, since they have not had a contingency plan for life without Prior & Wood for years now.


Julio Lugo is also mentioned constantly for the Cubs' CF vacancy, then eventually going back to SS when Cubs prospect Felix Pie is ready to play CF in the MLB. Lugo has played for Pinella before, and Lou is supposedly sweet on Julio.


We'll see what happens. I for one, would love to see the Crew land K-Lo for a 2-year deal. I believe that 2 years & $12-14 mil would land him, and I hope it's with us. He's still a darn good ballplayer, and would buy us a year or two to figure out what we can do in CF, for the long-term

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