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mistake in the Davis/Estrada deal


Most of us feel that the Brewers and Dbacks both made out fine, but that potentially the Dbacks could wind up the big winners if Davis regains his form and Eveland amounts to anything as a starter. However, I think the Brewers made a mistake in not finding a way to get 1b/LF Chris Carter in the deal. I got to know him a bit last spring, and he's one of the quirkiest, yet nicest players I've met. Last year was his first in AAA, and he hit .301 w/a .395 obp and .483 slg. He hit 19 homers, but also had 97 rbi and an outstanding 78 walks vs 69 K's.


He and Scott Hairston may be competing for playing time in LF, unless I'm forgetting someone. But I wouldn't put it past the Dbacks to sign someone, too. They also have Eric Byrnes under contract, and I don't see them asking him to sit on the bench after hitting 26 homers and playing a great CF.

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Carter is a very good slugger, and could have been a first-round pick coming out of high school in 2001 IIRC if it weren't for his Stanford commitment.


However, even going back to his HS days, the guy has been pegged as a future DH early in his career. Now I know people will say they could care less about his D if he hits as well as he has so far in the minors, but the D-Backs don't even want him playing 1B because his defense is so bad, and he's a liability in LF as well (think Greg Vaughn...an old Greg Vaughn).


I had one person tell me that he's more of an AL player than Jack Cust. Ouch. I'm sure he's a nice guy, and again, his stats are hard to ignore, but a player like that with his defensive reputation won't last long in the NL.


Carter will be in Oakland soon enough http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif .

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