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Winter Meeting 4Team Blockbuster Proposal inv. the Crew


Ok, so I'm still hung up on the idea of Santana in the middle of the rotation & Rivera roaming LF. When's the last time there was a 4-team trade? I don't know, but I like this one, and I think it addresses the needs of all 4 teams (Boston, White Sox, Angels, & Brewers) & is pretty fair.


Here goes:

Boston trades: Manny, Lowell, & Crisp

Boston receives: Hall, KRod, Jenkins, Tbow, & Aybar


White Sox trade: Crede & young RP (Tracey)

White Sox receive: Figgins & Lowell


Angels trade: Santana, KRod, Rivera, Figgins, & Aybar

Angels receive: Manny, Crede, ZachJack, Tracey, Darren Ford (or similar prospect) & $$$(from MIL)


Brewers trade: Hall, Jenkins, Tbow, Jackson, Ford, & $$$

Brewers receive: Santana, Rivera, & Crisp


Boston suddenly becomes young & talented on the IF, saves $$$ in the long run, & sets themselves up nicely for the free agent bonanza next year. They get a very good closer, & possibly one heck of a setup guy. Bullpen becomes less of a concern, rotation looks solid, offense should be adequate with a nice trio of Ortiz, Hall, & Drew.


White Sox for some reason have been linked to Figgins. So, they finally get him. Lowell is nothing more than a solid stop gap until Fields? is ready.


The Angels deal from positions of strength (SP & RP) or of spare/blocked parts (Figgins & Aybar). They receive one of the best hitters in the game, address an area of need (3B), and get some young guys to fill in the ranks.


The Brewers give up a young star in Hall, a couple of nice prospects, a couple of veterans looking to bounce back, & some $$$. They address all of their areas of need except the bullpen (This can be addressed by the trade of one of their OF-Mench). Acquiring Santana gives them one of the best rotations in the NL. Rivera at the very least should be solid and post #s close to Lee's career avg. & much better defensively. Crisp shores up CF, and goes back to hitting #2 behind Weeks. Weeks & Crisp will remind people alot of Sizemore & Crisp. Both Crisp & Rivera play good defense & don't K much, just what the Brewers are looking for. And lastly, these 3 guys are under Brewer control for about 3 more years.


Thoughts? Is it a fair deal for all parties? Would you be excited with the '07 Brewers if this trade went down?

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If that could actually happen, it would possibly be the best Brewers trade in the history of the team. The only problem is I don't think that anyone would want Turnbow, maybe Boston would just becuase Papelbon is in the rotation, but I still think they would want someone like Borowski or Weathers. But Borowski failed his physical I saw on ESPN, so maybe that wouldn't work.
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I'm just going off of the rumor that Turnbow has drawn interest. I believe I read it on some other thread here that baseball people think it's just a mechanical flaw with Turnbow & that it can be fixed. Something he picked up from talking to too many people at the all-star game or something.
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Baseball GM's can be creative at times, but I think you're giving them just a bit too much credit...... you'd have to lock these guys in a room for a week to hash out something so complex.


And as your first question posed - has there ever been a 4-team trade in MLB history? It would be interesting to see, though. And crazy things ARE happening this offseason....

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Interesting proposal. As unlikely as it is, it does make sense for all of the teams you have involved.


I'm pretty sure four-team deals have happened in the past. They certainly aren't commonplace, but I seem to remember the Brewers being involved in one the past five-six years, I just can't remember who was involved (they were involved in a couple of 3-way deals, one was the Wright/Haynes/Blanco deal and the other was the Rusch/Harris trade...was there a 4th team involved in either one, even if it was to just balance some of the money involved???).

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I'm pretty sure the Blanco/Wright/Haynes trade was a 4-team deal.


Haynes came to us from Oakland.

Blanco & Wright came from Colorado, where Cirillo went.

I believe in this deal, Ben Grieve went from Oakland to Tampa.


Can't remember the rest of the deal, but there would be your four teams.

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Ummmm.........am I the only one who thinks this is horrible for Anaheim?


The prospects they receive are largely garbage, so it's basically Manny & Crede for KRod, Santana, Figgins & Rivera.


They get hosed, IMO.


The Brewers make out extremely well, however, so great deal!


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Well, I don't agree at all on Figgins. The guy is so underrated it's not funny. Decent OBP, 55+ steals and can play 4 positions. Seems overrated. I'll never understand that one.


Crede is overrated if anyone in this deal. One decent year, and now he's going to want $10m per.


KRod is one of the 3 best closers in the game, and Santana is a good pitcher that will be cheap for 4 more years (not sure if 4 or 5).


This deal stinks for Anaheim. Even if they don't keep Figgins, they should be able to get a good prospect/decent MLB player for him.


Edit: to the original poster, I actually think this is a pretty good effort for a major 4 team deal...I just don't like it for Anaheim.

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This seems somewhat plausible.


Boston becomes set at SS, Closer and replaces Trot in RF (somewhat). Sure, they lose Manny, but with all the rumors about him wanting to leave, their leverage is diminished.


Anaheim loses 2 major commodities in Ervin and K-Rod, and Rivera is coming along nicely, so they don't make out too well here, but then again I'm sure people said that about the Cirillo / Haynes / Blanco..etc. deal about Milwaukee, right? But the Angels DO get Manny and a 3B upgrade in Crede. And who knows? Maybe Zach pans out for them, replacing Ervin (again, somewhat).


The White Sox keep making noise that they won't extend Crede ("in this environment" - says Kenny Williams), so HIS trade value suffers a bit by this statement. I can't see them getting too excited about Lowell, and while Figgins is solid, they just re-upped with Podsednik, so their leadoff slot seems occupied. The White Sox seem to be gaining the least value in this deal....which I like!


The Brewers would be solidifying LF and CF and would be gaining a potential staff ace. Win, win, win. If Rivera hits like Overbay, circa 2004, we can be a contender. Sure, Hall is terrific and versatile, but after this deal, we'd already have cemented the 3 positions he plays best, so we could spare him in this scenario. I dunno, it just seems too good to be true for us. I suspect we'd have to add in a Gallardo over Zach to pull this off, and even then...


That said, I love the work you put in on this one, fleehaw. Keep 'em comin'. On a wintry day with 10-12 inches of snow expected here in Chicago, this potential trade brightened my day, even if it didn't / can't happen.

"So if this fruit's a Brewer's fan, his ass gotta be from Wisconsin...(or Chicago)."
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