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Move Hall *and* Braun to OF?

What if the Brewers traded for a thirdbaseman (Ensberg) and moved both Hall and Braun to the OF? I would be happy with that kind of move. I have heard over the past season how Braun may have the speed and athleticism to play center.


Koskie + Turnbow for Ensberg? And adding Ensberg for those two would come at about an equal price salary wise. Plus the Astros seem eager to move him, so the above deal would probably be enough.



1. Hart RF

2. Weeks 2nd

3. Ensberg 3rd

4. Fielder 1st

5. Hall LF

6. Braun CF

7. Estrada C

8. Hardy SS



(better subject -TC)

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In the $60M challenge, I proposed a Davis & Koskie for Ensberg. This was based off a rumor that he was going to the Padres for Linebrink & Blum/Belhorn. So, a Turnbow & Koskie deal seems possible.


Ensberg is like 32 or 33, but under arby for another 2 years (I think). He walks a lot, strikes out around 100 times a year, good power, decent with the glove.


All in all, it would be a decent move, however, whose going to be playing 3B in a couple years? I could see Ensberg as an improvement over Koskie for a year or two until Braun is ready, but as a long term solution, ehh.

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He's only 31, and has two years of arbitration as you mentioned.


Basically, the way I see it, if we moved both Braun and Hall to the OF and brought in Ensberg, we could worry about the future 3B situation a year or two down the road when he approaches Free Agency. A lot can happen in two years.

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6'6'' lead-off man? :/


I agree that he's not your typical leadoff man in stature, but to strawboss' credit, this is a guy that's batted .297 with a .363 OBP and 59 SBs to only 16 CS in AAA the past three seasons. He definately has the potential to fit the bill statistics-wise.


However, Hart also slugged .516 with 36 HRs in that time as well (969 at-bats, so roughly 1.5-2 seasons worth). A guy that might be able to bat .280/.350/.480/.830 with 20 HRs and 25 SBs if given a full season at the major league level may be better suited for a lower spot in the order...although that would make for one great leadoff hitter!

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I was half joking and half serious about the height factor. The bigger issue is what you touched on about his power, I guess I'd like to hope he has potential as a good 5/6 hitter with a good combination of power and speed. Maybe even a 2/3 hitter where his stolen bases might have more of an impact. Obviously he'd have to continue to improve to hit 3rd but I don't think thats out of the question for the future, maybe not next year.
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