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What is Ryan Brauns value?`


I am just curious because looking at our situation - Gross and Hart could combine to be a heck of a CF. If we played Bill Hall at 3b, and gave him the position long term, would Braun bring in alot of return?


I am not advocating a trade of Ryan Braun. I am not suggesting that Bill Hall become our 3b of the future. I am just bringing up a discussion for 2nd season speculation before the winter meetings.


Would he be a chip that would bring in Miggy Cabrera or Dontrelle Willis?

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Great question aracko.


I think a lot of people who bring up deals have to realize that to get quality, you have to give up quality.


For instance, nobody is going to give you a Vernon Wells for Doug Davis. Capuano maybe but not Davis. Not that anyone has suggested either, I was just trying to make a point.


To get quality in return you have to give up something even young pitching or high draft picks like Braun sometimes.

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So Braun is on the same level as Andy Marte last year then you figure as far as trade value? Thanks for the input.


For myself - I personally think Braun is a higher level prospect than Marte. (I am not saying my opinion is right) Braun has been a player who scouts have had their eye on for a long long time, first coming out of HS, Then as a Freshman All American and Freshman of the year. Then hitting nearly .400 and earning the Golden Spikes award. Also the difference in that Braun was a top 10 pick and if I am not mistaken Marte came out of nowhere as an undrafted FA. Braun has better wheels or so it would appear.


Again - your answer is exactly what I was looking for, so thank you. I just personally have higher

expectations......again not that you are wrong and I am right.


Also - I was only speaking of Braun being a chip in the stack that would net us one of the Marlins established stars. Looking at the Marlins firesale last year, I think its clear that they value prospects more than any other team in the league.

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Not saying that they are the ultimate authority, but Baseball America ranked Marte as the 14th best prospect overall last season, and Braun 49th. Braun had a great year however, so his stock has got to be rising. Marte didn't have a great season last year, but I'm not comparing their current worth, rather Braun's worth today to Marte's worth last year.


But yeah, their value is probably somewhat similar.

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I don't know if Braun's value would be equal to Marte's a year ago. The main reason is that Marte is far more advanced defensively. There are still questions about Braun's future position. Also, Marte was viewed by many to be major league ready last season -- he had had a good year at AAA in 2005. Braun has only 1/2 a season at AA.


Not to say that he isn't an excellent prospect - most folks believe he is.


Just for note, baseball america had Marte at 14th top prospect last year, 9th in 2005, and 11th in 2004. Braun was 49th last year. Perhaps he'll crack the top 20. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in LF in 2007 in Milwaukee.

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