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Transaction Rumors / Proposals FAQ

What kind of threads should I create here?



This forum was created for two types of threads:


1) Trade rumors currently being circulated by the media or by other sources


2) Trade proposals generated by users to generate conversation



What kind of threads should I not create here?



- threads about trades that have occurred


- threads that do not involve trade rumors or proposals



What resources can I use to plan my trade proposal?



Brewerfan.net salaries page:




This page shows how long players are signed, how much contracts are (or are estimated to be), and when arbitration could occur for each player.



Brewerfan.net 40-man Roster:




Shows how many options are remaining on each Brewer on the 40-man roster.







Up do date news including injuries and roster movements broken down by player or team.







Up do date news including injuries and roster movements broken down by player or team.



The Baseball Cube:




Complete major and minor league stat history, as current as the end of Spring Training of the current year.







One of the best hidden gems out there. The only site that gives detailed contract information for all teams and projects free agents after each upcoming year.



Minor League Park Factors:




1000 is a neutral park. Use this link to help determine if stats are inflated or deflated due to the park's dimensions, altitude, and humidity.

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Old discussion that was formerly part of this topic has been split and closed.


Please feel free to post any new resources to this topic:


Fan Sites, Newspaper Links, & Resources


Also, note that you can consult the Resource list within that topic. It's stickied in Issues in addition to being located above the discussion area on most board pages.


If you have any new information regarding roster management and transaction rules, this topic is available:


MLB Roster Management thread

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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