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Brewerfan.net Sim League? Please post if intrested


I was thinking with all the wonderful experts on brewerfan.net and lots of activity maybe we should start our own baseball mogul 08 league and see what person could take the challange and win the world series? In order for this to happen we would need 3 co-commish willing to help with the league, if you dont know what baseball mogul is, its a sim league where you compete against other gm's. You build your team making trades with other owners, signing free agents, 40 man roster, waiver wire, designating people for assignment and much more. Than we have a simmer you will enter in the stuff in the game and than the game gives you results like stats, minors stats and much more. Would anyone be intrested in doing this? Just for brewerfan.net members?


If intrested reply here and we will see how many people we will get if you want more info or ask questions post here also.


Offical Rules


1. Only one team per season.

2. Each world series winner will get something in return.

3. Features for the league will include


Compensation Picks and Type A Free Agents.

Luxury Tax

Rule V Draft

Contract Extensions

Stadium Sponsers

Foreign Free-Agency

Waiver Wire

40-Man Roster

Designating people for assignment

Amateur Draft


Looking for 3 Co-Commish's.

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Does it start with a draft or you just take over a team? Who chooses who gets who?


We start with regular rosters. Sign ups will begain at 11 pm ct tonight but the sites posted so you can register.

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Baseball mogul is a computer simulation. You can buy it at sportsmogul.com for 20 dollars but you dont need the game. You compete against 29 other gm's and you sign free agents, make trades, set lineups, release players, draft players, designate players for assignment and all that on the fourm. Than the simmer puts it in the game and he sims like 2 or 3 weeks every other day. Than you can evaluate the performances of your team and make changes. Players also get injured.
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